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A higher stabilization factor, or S-value, means that more material has not been decomposed after the TBI-experiment. This overlay shows global stabilization patterns, with “more” blue representing high stabilization and “more” white representing low stabilization. K-Value
View decomposition rates for any location on earth, with “more” white representing very slow decomposition and “more” red very fast decomposition. S-Value

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Name: Provide a name for your observation. Either your first name, or a word that describes the conditions like ‘wet forest’, or a location name ‘lake Vänern’

Location: Search your location, e.g. by typing the street name. If you cannot find your location this way, fill in latitude and longitude yourself.

Latitude and Longitude: Can be obtained via right-clicking the map, google maps or similar interfaces. Please use a comma format.

Start date* and End date* Date when you buried and retrieved your bags. Use your best guess when you are not entirely sure.

Biome A biome is a geographical area characterized by its (more or less) distinct climate, vegetation, and animal life, following Olson et al. (2001).

Location type. Separates between agricultural soils and other soils. Treatment is used for small scale or experimental management.

Type of bag: Did you obtain your bags after 2022; choose plant-based, between 2013-2017; choose woven. Between 2017-2022; choose non-woven.

Start weight (non-obligatory): The starting weight in grams of your tea bag including tea, bag and label.

End weight: The final weight of the tea inside your bag after retrieving and drying in grams. Only if it was possible to clean the bag completely, the final weight can also include the bag. Never include the label in the end weight.

Weight includes: Please indicate if you determined the end weight of only the tea, or of the tea with the bag.

Comment: Any comment up to 300 characters

Add file: add a photo (.png, for project use only)

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